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Terms of Service 📄

Basic Rules

Last Updated: 5/10/2023

1. To ensure compliance, both you and your server, including your bot, must adhere to Discord's Terms of Service, Discord's Community Guidelines, and Discord's Developer Policy consistently.

2. The approval of requested features/source code is at my discretion, and denial may occur without providing a specific reason.

3. Your bot must remain in the development server (Nziie Development) for continuous online functionality. Leaving the server will result in your bot going offline until your return, with no refund provided.

4. Please refrain from rushing me; excessive impatience may lead to cancellation of services without a full refund. Patience, like that of other clients, is appreciated.

5. Product prices are subject to change during your tenure. Your payment may be adjusted to the new price or slightly lower. Priority Clients are exempt from product price changes, ensuring they pay the initially agreed-upon price. Price adjustments may reflect market demand or total resource costs. In the event of a price change, you can negotiate renewal prices by opening a ticket in the development server.


1. Refund requests for your bot may be denied without specific reasons.

2. Refunds are not applicable under any circumstances, given the real-money nature of hosting costs, which are non-refundable.

Source Code Guidelines

Source code requests may be denied without specific reasons; modmail bot and music bot source codes will not be provided.

1. It is imperative to retain credit in the code for certain commands/features in the provided source code. Removal of any credit will result in the termination of source code access and removal from the development server, along with the cancellation of any purchased services. The source code may be connected to an API, detecting credit removal, causing the bot not to start or specific features to malfunction.

2. Leaving the server at any time will trigger the consequences outlined in rule 1.